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"Find Out How YOU Can Get INSTANT ACCESS To The Hottest Selling Drop-Ship Products On The Internet Today and Start Making Incredible Amounts of Money From Home."

Now you can earn a great income from home...full-time or part-time. Make HUGE PROFITS with top-selling merchandise. We will warehouse and drop-ship fast-selling items for you and you keep the PROFITS!


See us in the news stand issues of...


Exclusive Drop Ship Program

Pet Faux Fur Car Seat Cover
Metal Tea and Coffee Cart Rustic Planter Table-Tiger Sculpture
Children in Garden Water Fountain Stagecoach Style Bench Old Fashioned Shelf-Rack


Our Distributors Are Making BIG Profits!

Distributor Testimonials:


"(Distributor) Hi again! I just added the faux fur throws and I am getting praise already. Looks like the first customer is pleased per attached...(Distributor's Customer) The Faux Fur arrived. it is FABULOUS! We want to order two more." Kevin, Tennessee


"Thank you for helping make this year a very profitable one.Your products have been selling at an astonishing rate and I can't thank you enough!" Gloria, Illinois


"I made over $3,000.00 in my first two weeks and the orders keep pouring in!" Richard, Texas


"Your company is the first drop-ship company I have come across that offers legitimate wholesale prices, making it profitable for their customers. Thanks again for all your help and looking forward to many more sales!" Cesar C. Dallas, GA


Now it's your turn...

Don't get left behind. Our products sell. Period!



A little bit about us...our company, DropShipProductSource.com is a leading wholesale drop-ship supplier of beautiful home and garden merchandise on the web today. We have been helping small business owners just like you, explode their online sales with our

**High Demand** product lines



Let's get right to it....with our drop ship program you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the member’s only area where you will be able to start adding hundreds of HOT selling products to your website right away. Check out a new item that just arrived in the warehouse below...

Product Feature: New Arrival

Beautiful Fireplace Screen

Suggested Retail: $129.95

Wholesale: $52.40

YOUR Profit: $77.55

Exotic Fireplace Screen


Imagine for a moment if you sold just twenty a month? You would make $3,999.40 and that is just one product! We have many high profit hot-selling products just like this one inside. 

You may not know this...Currently, there are some drop ship programs out there that make you WAIT several weeks to get access to their site and products. With some of these programs you have to wait to receive their catalogs in the mail before you can start selling their products.


Some of these other drop ship programs have no clue that it is the 21st century and customers are looking to sell products online...not through mail order. Selling products online is one of the best and most profitable ways to make money today…with virtually no costs. You just put the product images on your site and make money. It really is that easy.


Join Now!


Here is just a tiny sample of some of the incredibly popular and

**High-Demand** products we carry

Wall Shelf With Glass Door

Wall Shelf

Suggested Retail: $189.95

Wholesale: $98.10

Your Profit: $91.85

Ivory Lion Statue

Lion Garden Statue

Suggested Retail: $99.95

Wholesale: $56.90

Your Profit: $43.05


Nautical Curio Cabinets

Suggested Retail: $249.95

Wholesale: $131.20

Your Profit: $118.75



Home Office Desk

Suggested Retail: $269.95

Wholesale: $104.95

Your Profit: $165.00


Outdoor Chair

Suggested Retail: $179.95

Wholesale: $92.60

Your Profit: $87.35


Stylish Hanging Pot Holder

Suggested Retail: $119.95

Wholesale: $46.20

Your Profit: $73.25



Western Style Wood Chair

Suggested Retail: $169.95

Wholesale: $75.19

Your Profit: $94.76


Solar Fountain

Suggested Retail: $259.95

Wholesale: $138.86

Your Profit: $121.09

Lovely White Lantern Set


Lantern Set

Suggested Retail: $99.95

Wholesale: $40.50

Your Profit: $59.45


Elegant Cookware Set


Elegant Cookware Set

Suggested Retail: $169.95

Wholesale: $89.95

Your Profit: $80.00



Exquisite Wine Cabinet

Suggested Retail: $299.95

Wholesale: $104.90

Your Profit: $195.05


Soothing Rock Fountain


Outdoor Fountain

Suggested Retail: $359.95

Wholesale: $143.27

Your Profit: $216.68




Coffee Table

Suggested Retail: $139.95

Wholesale: $73.45

Your Profit: $66.50




Fireplace Tool Set

Suggested Retail: $69.95

Wholesale: $31.45

Your Profit: $38.50



Large Cabinet

Suggested Retail: $299.95

Wholesale: $131.10

Your Profit: $168.85




Join Now!


The idea of waiting weeks for some catalogs (to show up in the mail) before you can get started simply makes no sense!


With our drop ship program you can get started right away. No waiting! We give you access to all of the top selling products


...so you can start adding products to your site today and start making money NOW…not in weeks or months like these other programs.


But wait! It gets even better…Some of these other drop ship programs actually say you should buy their catalogs and distribute them to friends and family to make money.


We have found that this method simply doesn’t work anymore. Sure, you maybe able to convince “Grandma” to buy a gift item from you, but because of the ongoing expense of buying catalogs and the time and money wasted sending them out you will hardly get rich or even make a decent supplemental income. Catalog distribution is old and dusty marketing. Our clients are making boat loads of cash with our drop ship merchandise because they are selling these products online. Not through catalog distribution.


And that’s just for starters….also keep in mind many of these other drop ship programs do NOT offer “life-style” quality images. This is extremely important so pay attention…What are “life-style” quality images? These are high quality photos of products set against beautiful backgrounds. Instead of the usual poor quality, fuzzy images that some other drop-shippers use.


As an exclusive member you get access to beautiful high quality images set against breathtaking settings. For example see a sample below of a "Life-Style" quality image…the product pictured below is brand new and is already a runaway best seller and by the picture quality you can see why this product sells out fast.


New Arrival! Whimsical Children Solar Fountain

Suggested Retail: $259.95

Wholesale: $136.45

YOUR PROFIT: $123.50

Whimsical Children Fountain-Solar

Here is what one of our top selling distributors said about our picture quality...


Distributor Testimonials


"My experience with Dropshipproductsource.com has been extremely positive. You provide good photographs of well-priced and highly salable products, which is all an online drop shipper can ask for. The breadth of your product line is partially responsible for a new site I'm in the process of building. I saw a lot of potential to sell items that didn't fit with my original site. Everyone I've worked with at Dropshipproductsource.com, has been friendly and professional." G.W., Colorado


Your fountains are selling nicely for us (we are about to give you another order for 3 more fountains today), and I now want to add more particularly the floor/outdoor fountains. Thank you for supplying us with these high quality fountains!" Mike L. Yelm, WA                                                                                                           



We furnish you with high quality beautiful product images. Why is this important to you? Because a good picture is the main ingredient to getting the sale, without a good image statistics show that most customers will not buy.


With other drop ship programs you may not even be able to get high quality images for your online store. In some rare cases you may find a few suppliers who have some decent images but….you have to pay them high fees to get access to them.


What they don't want you to know....These other drop ship programs know that you will not be able to make the sale without a good picture so they hold the “good” pictures hostage for a price or worse most don’t even offer the high quality picture in the first place so you are forced to buy product and do your own photography.

Believe me you don’t want to do this because it is a major pain and unless you are great with a camera the pictures will not look good. 

It Gets Better...Also, keep in mind that some drop ship programs do not offer sales copy for the products they carry. Which means you now have to become a master copy writer and try to come up with sales copy for each individual product! You have got to be kidding??!! With our drop ship program not only do we supply you with high quality product images but we also include master sales copy written for you. With this powerful one-two punch your customers will be whipping out their credit cards and saying “charge it”!

This is what it takes to make sales online. You must have high quality product picture images as well as "stop you in your tracks" sales copy. These two components are the secret to getting more sales for your online store.


Join Now!


More Distributor Testimonials:



"I absolutely love working with your company! I am so impressed with the quality of service I have received. Our customers just love your garden statues and I have been very impressed with your low wholesale pricing and high quality items. Fantastic!" Adam, New Mexico


"I have already made over $500 in my first four days in business. I can't believe how easy this has been." Chris, United Kingdom 


You have a variety of products that our customers like, and your ability to ship to the customer is very quick and timely. We enjoy working with you, we are able to get answers quickly, which is nice, and you have been very helpful and prompt. We look forward to many years with your company!" Lori, Wisconsin


“These fisherman boat clocks are moving faster than I can stock them! Please rush me an order for 50 more!” Steven, Wisconsin





What they don't want you to know....

Rarely if ever update site with new items

High out of stock rates

No order tracking

Slow Shipping Times
No Referral Bonuses

Large fees to access products

Wait to receive catalogs before you get access to product line, Which can take weeks to get started

Poor quality product images (This alone makes it impossible to make money)

Poor or no product descriptions for the items

Small selection of products

Extra charges to access better quality pictures (usually in the form of a CD for a cost of 29.95 to 59.95)

Hidden fees and other “extra” costs

High shipping costs and “handling” costs

No gift message service

Many require minimum order “buy in” before they will drop ship (usually around $500.00 to $1,500.00 minimum first order)



What YOU Get as an Exclusive Authorized Distributor With DropShipProductSource.com…



Lot's of new arrivals and product updates



Accept credit cards online. Receive FREE sign up when you become a member 


Sell on eBay, Amazon, or your own website


Same day shipping on drop ship orders. 


Member referral bonuses


Ordering online 24/7



We provide order tracking on every order



We drop-ship in the U.S.



Products are in stock at a rate of 98.9% of the time



INSTANT ACCESS to product lines



Hundreds of hot-selling products in multiple categories



High quality product images you can download right off of our site for FREE



Superior product description sales copy that is proven to pull in an avalanche of orders



No hidden fees or added costs



Low shipping costs along with speedy delivery to your customers



Blind drop shipping



Gift message can be included with your orders for FREE


Huge profit margins on merchandise



No upfront minimum order requirements



Never have to carry inventory ever!



Plus much, much more!



New Arrival! Elegant Wine Bottle Rack

Suggested Retail: $249.95

Wholesale: $121.00

YOUR PROFIT: $128.95

Elegant Wine Bottle Rack

Elegant Wine Bottle Rack

Remember we have hundreds of products in multiple categories and we are always


adding lot's more new merchandise all the time! See Below...


Get full access to all of these product categories and all the new arrivals...


New Product Categories Just Added!


Garden Accents

Door Stoppers


Eagle Decor Accent




Mom and Baby Unicorn Figurine

Unicorn Accents


Cutting Boards

Nesting Storage Trunks Duo

Storage Trunks

Decorative Plates

Home Decor


Ivy Vines Entry Mat



Enchanting Sleeping Mermaid Figurine

Mermaid Figurines


Fireplace Tool Sets


Butterfly Trellis With Flower Pots


Charming Bird Cage Photo Frame

Photo Frames


Dancing Windmills

Garden Windmills

Scrollwork Corner Shelf



Tabletop Fountains

Floor Fountains

Solar Fountains

Wall Fountains

Garden Gnomes

Lion Garden Statues


Flamingo Garden Accents


Squirrel Birdfeeder




Solar Garden Accents

Owl Accents

Lantern Set

Garden Lanterns

Stagecoach Style Bench

Garden Benches

Hammock w/Mesh Style Trim


Fire Pit

Fire Pits


Rustic Planter

Plant Stands



Premium Picnic Set










Charming Birdbath




Solar Garden Lights



Garden Stepping Stone Glow in the Dark

Garden Stones



Patio Sets


Oil Warmer Silver

Oil Warmers

Stainless Steel Bar Set 7 Piece

Bar Sets

Dragon Decor

Buddha Accents

Storage Baskets


Wall Clocks


Regal Orchid Jewelry SetJewelry

Scrollwork Fleur-De-Lis Wall Plaque

Fleur-De-Lis Decor

Flamingo Garden StakeGarden Stakes

Contemporary White Desk



Kitchen CartKitchen Accessories



Cat Key Hider

Garden Key Hiders





Chef Holder Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Salt & Pepper Sets



Desk Accessories



Metal Tea and Coffee Cart





Hanging Pot Rack

Pot Racks



Modern Chic Side TableNightstands


 Model Ships


Poker Chip Set



Elegant Chess Set

Chess Sets

Elegant Wood Trunk Set




Elegant Globe Poker Theme



Spiritual Gifts

Nautical Themed Bookends


Western Decor

Set of Lamps (3)



Glass Corner Shelf








Golden Pineapple Tealight Holder

Candle Holders






Scrollwork Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Royal Splendor Pet Bed

Pet Beds & Carriers

Dinnerware Sets

Angel and Child Figurine

Angel Figurines


Cat Glass Accent

Glass Decor Accents



Silver Bath Set




Elegant White Cabinet




Faux Leather Keepsake Box

Gifts For Him


Pink Bed Canopy


Dragon Goblets


Fireplace Screens


Cozy Foot Massager

Gifts For Her


Weathered Elephant Statue


Silver Decorative Accent

Decorative Accents


Fairy and Dragon Accent

Fairy Figurines


Serving Trays

Charming Wine Holder

Wine Gifts



Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holders



Nautical Decor



Dragon Fire Incense Burner

Incense Burners



Beautiful Jewelry Box

Jewelry Boxes 



Stainless Steel Flatware




Scary Skull With Light

Halloween Props


Knife Set


White Bathroom Cabinet

Bath Decor


Food Container Set of 3

Storage Sets

Faux Fur Stools



More Distributor Testimonials:


"I recently added several of Dropshipproductsource.com's products to our existing inventory and sales immediately increased. We recently received a call from an events company in Maryland. The customer purchased 200 small fountains for a special event and Dropshipproductsource.com was able to ship the entire order right away. It's been a great addition for our business." Doug G. Tallahassee, FL



Our warehouse is EXPLODING with new arrivals! See Below...

**New Arrivals** 

Many more new arrivals coming in! Get ready for an abundant year!


Beautiful Solar Powered Angel Statue


Climbing Bear Solar Garden Accent


Frog and Turtle Solar Statue


Garden Bunnies Accent


Adorable Squirrel Bird Feeder


Chef Wine Bottle Holder


Enchanting Chef Wine Holder


Patriotic Eagle Wine Bottle Holder


Chef Wine Bottle Holder


Enchanting Boy and Dog Solar Garden Statue


Beautiful Fairy and Unicorn Accent


Chef Holder Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


Wood Wall Decor


Side Table With Drawer


Contemporary Style Table


Beautiful Sculpture Water Fountain


Enchanting Turtle Fountain


4 Tier Water Fountain


Ivory Lion Statue


Blue Owl Glass Accent









Flamingo Decor



Whimsical Garden Fountain



Adorable Bunnies Bird Feeder


Squirrel Bird Feeder








Beautiful Butterfly Stepping Stone


Hummingbird Garden Stone


















































































































Elegant Faux Fur Pet Bed




Round Faux Fur Pet Bed




Faux Fur Pet Carrying Bag



Pet Faux Fur Car Seat Cover



Faux Fur Dog House



Beautiful Angel Oil Warmer



Join Now!


More Distributor Testimonials:



"I Just sold three wine racks in 24 hours! I made $1,139.85 in sales! I just put the wine rack on my site and it sold fast!"
Sandy, CA


"$950 my first week! I mainly get orders through my gift shop. I have been very impressed with the quality of the merchandise. All I do is put the items on the shelf and watch them sell out!" Cheryl, Wisconsin


"You have been WONDERFUL to work with! Your pet-related products and pricing are great, and your drop-ship program makes doing business together easy, pleasant and profitable!!!" Warmest Purrs (and Woofs), Gail, California


"Dropshipproductsource.com has been great. I place my drop ship orders, they get processed quickly. Effortless. I will use Dropshipproductsource.com for more of my drop ship needs as transactions have gone seamlessly."

Thank you, Lisa, California



This is why our premier drop ship program is so popular and why everybody wants in…but we are only allowing a limited number of clients to become Authorized Distributors at this time. If you are seeing this page you are in luck. It means there are still a few spots available but don't wait because once these slots are filled we will not be taking anymore new drop ship accounts for quite some time.


Secure your spot now:

Join Now!

You will get IMMEDIATE access to the wholesale pricing and product lines so you can start adding products to your online store now! 


Learn The Secret To Getting Free Ads In National Magazines For Your Drop Ship Products...All Without Spending One Dime On Advertising!


(Now You Can Have Hundreds Of New Customers Just By Using These Powerfully Easy Techniques)


With your new drop ship account you will receive the profitable guide to getting thousands of dollars in free ads in national magazines. **We will show you how to drive hundreds of paying customers to your site...all for FREE!** These methods are proven.


You won't find this information anywhere else. Our marketing team at DropShipProductSource.com put this guide together exclusively for our members! You can only get this valuable information if you are a member....


Join Now!



Client Testimonials:


"Just to update you on results on applying techniques from your e-book...I sent out press releases based on ideas mentioned in your book for my graduation season business (2nd website). Would you believe this? Most of the campus newspapers published my press releases word for word. No editing!

I stopped counting the number of campus newspaper websites that published my press release! Because of the strategies in your e-book I had the best graduation season ever!"

-Mr. Akoto  Kensington, MD


“I read your e-book and sent a press release to 3 editors. One of the Editors from a children’s magazine contacted me three weeks later and wanted to feature my baby blankets. They were in the November issue, and I have been overwhelmed with orders ever since! Absolutely incredible!


-Michelle R. Mechanicsburg, PA


“I found the e-book to be loaded with useful information. After my press release was sent out, responses started coming in within minutes!


After only two days I had several magazines wanting to do an editorial on my product, which would have cost me thousands of dollars if I had instead simply paid for advertising space. And as we all know, editorials are much better press than advertisements! I have had 600 orders since applying your techniques! That is over $11,000.00 in sales! Thanks!”

-Mika L. Las Vegas, NV



Now you will get this same powerful information that is helping many of our clients secretly *explode* their online sales with this little known money maker. Don't miss out on this incredible FREE Bonus!


Join Now!


Our Drop ship program includes:


--Beautiful catalog quality images provided

for your online store


-Accept Credit Cards online. FREE sign up when you become a member



-Order tracking provided


-Drop-shipping available in the United States


-New Arrivals and new product categories added on a regular basis



-Internet marketing help-we will show you how to drive paying customers to your site for FREE...exclusive to member's only



-Blind drop-shipping


-Online ordering 24/7


-INSTANT ACCESS to our member's only area


-A FREE Gift message can be added to your drop ship orders for that personal touch


-Huge profit margins


-Make thousands from home-part-time


-Fast shipping


-High quality merchandise that sells itself


-Low shipping costs


-Zero inventory


-No minimum order. Buy as little or as much as you want


-We do NOT include our company name anywhere on the drop ship order


-We do NOT include any merchandise prices



Disclaimer: At this time we are taking a select number of drop ship accounts. Once these slots are filled we will not be taking anymore new drop ship accounts for quite some time and this offer will be pulled without warning.

Distributor Testimonials:


“It is a joy working with your company. You are actually one of our favorite suppliers. Your great attention to detail, your fast shipping and your continued cooperation has been spectacular. I wish all vendors were like you.”
Sincerely, L.S., Washington




Don't get left behind! Get access to our drop ship products while you still can!


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