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Children in Garden Water Fountain

Charming Squirrel Solar Garden Accent


Simply visit our site: https://www.gardendecoraccents.com to register for a new drop ship account and see the items we drop ship. All the items on www.gardendecoraccents.com are available for drop shipping. Once you register for a new membership we will send you a special drop ship discount code to place your drop ship orders directly on our new drop ship site www.gardendecoraccents.com. 


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Distributor Testimonials:


“You have a variety of products that our customers like, and your ability to ship to the customer is very quick
and timely. We enjoy working with you, we are able to get answers quickly, which is nice, and
you have been very helpful and prompt. We look forward to many years with your company!" Lori, Wisconsin


“Your fountains are selling nicely for us (we are about to give you another order for 3 more fountains today), and I now
want to add more particularly the floor/outdoor fountains. Thank you for supplying us with these high quality
fountains!" Mike L, Yelm, WA


"Your company is the first drop-ship company I have come across that offers legitimate wholesale prices, making
it profitable for their customers. Thanks again for all your help and looking forward to many more sales!"
Cesar C. Dallas, GA


“These fountains have been out selling all of our other lines. Thank you.” Michael, Arizona


 "I use your company and another major drop ship supplier as my main drop shippers and and I like your products
much better as there is much more profit in your products. I also love your product descriptions and
great picture quality." Dan S., TX


“It is a joy working with your company. You are actually one of our favorite suppliers. Your great attention to detail, your
fast shipping and your continued cooperation has been spectacular. I wish all vendors were like you.”  Sincerely, L.S., Washington



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