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Learn The Secret To Getting Free Ads In National Magazines For Your Drop Ship Products...All Without Spending One Dime On Advertising


(Now You Can Have Hundreds Of New Customers Just By Using These Powerfully Easy Techniques)



Client Testimonials:


“I found the e-book to be loaded with useful information. After my press release was sent out, responses started coming in within minutes! 

 After only two days I had several magazines wanting to do an editorial on my product, which would have cost me thousands of dollars if I had instead simply paid for advertising space. And as we all know, editorials are much better press than advertisements!

I have had 600 orders since applying your techniques! That is over $11,000.00 in sales! Thanks!”

-Mika L Las Vegas, NV



From: DropShipProductSource.com
Wednesday, 9:43 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I am sure you already know how important free publicity is for increasing your visibility and driving targeted prospects and customers to your site, but you may not know how to get free publicity. If you are looking for answers on how to get free publicity for your products and website just by using your email, then you have come to the right place.

  • Do you want free publicity but you don't know where to begin?
  • Does the idea of writing a press release intimidate you?
  • Are you convinced no one will give you free publicity?
  • Are you completely baffled because you have no idea where to send your press release?
  • Do you think the only people who get free publicity are the big corporations and insiders who know someone in the media?
  • Do you need to get more customers to your site but don't have the budget to run expensive and risky advertising campaigns?
  • Have you tried to send out press releases with little or no success?
  • Are you still paying for advertising?


If you answered yes to even one of these questions keep reading...

You might be surprised to find out that you really do have the power to get as much free publicity as you want (once you know the techniques) and that you really can drive a steady stream of targeted prospects and customers to your site every day without spending one cent on advertising. How do we know this will work for you? Because we have helped countless clients use these same techniques every day to drive targeted traffic and customers to their websites. 

One of our clients was able to increase her online sales by over eight times in a matter of just a few months by using these powerful techniques. See her story below...

Client Testimonials:


Since implementing the techniques in this ebook, It is now normal for me to receive 30-40 orders a day! Unheard of before. What is really amazing is that it is all from free ads that I get in national magazines!


Before reading this ebook, I was completely lost and not making any money at all online. The information in this ebook is easily worth 20 times what they are charging. Thank you for helping me to realize my dream of working from home.


-Melissa C. Hyrum, UT



This profitable guide will show you real techniques for getting thousands of dollars in free ads in national magazines. **We will show you how to drive hundreds of paying customers to your site...all for FREE!** These methods are proven.



Learn how to get your drop ship products in national magazines, newspapers, and high traffic targeted internet news sites for free just by using your email.



No money? You won't need any with these email techniques. ( We have shown our clients how to get started doing this part-time with ZERO expense.)


Improve your chances of getting your product press release published by 85% with these easy to follow methods.


Drive hundreds to thousands of targeted customers to your website for FREE!


Learn how to create and send professional product press releases by email and increase your visibility!


Learn where to find the sources to email for free, (the PR submission services don't want you to know about).


Save hundreds to thousands of dollars by doing your own publicity. It's easy (once you know the techniques)


Get national and international exposure for your products and your website without spending one cent in advertising.

       What to put in the subject line of your email press release.

How to find targeted markets for your drop ship products.


Get started today and initiate your publicity campaign tomorrow!


Forget free classified ads! Learn how to drive real targeted customers to your site.


Learn the secrets about getting free publicity that others don't want you to know.



Learn the secret to getting even more FREE publicity from the same magazines over and over again!


Reduce your advertising expenses by 90% and at the same time increase your exposure 10 times!



What critical mistake you must avoid when emailing the editors (This one tip is worth the price of the book)





Client Testimonials:


“Real great job, Thanks for your help.... you are good, and I used to own an ad agency, so I know what I'm talking about.

-Jay J. Colton, CA


“I read your e-book and sent a press release to 3 editors. One of the Editors from a children’s magazine contacted me three weeks later and wanted to feature my baby blankets. 

They were in the November issue, and I have been overwhelmed with orders ever since! Absolutely incredible!

-Michelle R. Mechanicsburg, PA



Get this ebook now for only $24.95

...and get these FREE bonuses:  


With your order receive these FREE bonuses


FREE Bonus 1: 

($299.95) We will show you how to contact the editors for FREE in this exclusive chapter, we will show you how to contact the editors for free. This highly guarded information will give you the inside secret to getting in touch with the editors without any costs to you.


FREE Bonus 2:

($99.95 value) Actual sample email press releases that have been used with tremendous success for you to use. Included FREE with your order.


FREE Bonus 3:

($49.95 value) Template-style professional press releases to plug in your information so you can start your publicity campaign now!



Imagine the impact of thousands of targeted visitors viewing your site.

Get this ebook now for only $24.95 

By using the email techniques we will teach you about, you will be able to put your company ahead of the pack and get your press release right in front of the editors within minutes! Not only do you save money and time (by emailing the editors) but you are also in a position to get your press release read (instead of thrown in the garbage) and greatly improve your chances for getting your release published!


One of our clients had an editor contact them within minutes of sending out their email press releases! She ended up getting free publicity for her products which resulted in even more sales!   

That is how fast it can happen! Literally within minutes you could be contacted by an editor who wants to run a product press release on your products!  


Some of the topics covered in the exciting new book,

"How anyone can get free publicity just by using their email."


Why the editors want your email press release


Learn what technique creates an instant traffic generator


How to contact the editors of online magazines


The importance of website focus-What it is and why you need it


Sending press releases email vs. mail


How to write a compelling subject line for your email press release


Website recommendations-Tools to help you succeed online


How to respond to the editor when they contact you


Learn the secret technique for creating a personalized press release


How to contact the editors of national magazines


Plus much, much more!


Get this ebook now for only $24.95 


With these techniques, We will show you how to send professional press releases by using your email and we will show you where to find the sources to email your press releases to for FREE. You can use the template style email press releases that are included in the manual to write a compelling and professional press release that will impress the editors!

 You can do this part-time working from home. It is fun and easy! All you need to do is invest a couple hours a day a few days a week!  

You might be thinking, "Can this really be possible?" Absolutely! Many of our clients use these little-known methods all the time to drive targeted traffic to their sites. These same tools will work for you too no matter what you currently sell online. We can show you how to copy exactly what are successful clients are doing!

This new manual will give you the blue print for creating professionally styled press releases and the resources to send them to that will help improve your chances for getting free publicity by 85%!


Client Testimonials:

"This e-book is chock full of useful resources, personal examples and valuable media press releases. This information has saved me a considerable amount of time and money from costly trial and error mistakes.

Despite my 22 years experience as a "traditional" marketing professional, I learned many new electronic publicity techniques...well worth the cost of the e-book!"

-V. S., St. Charles, IL



You can use these methods to drive targeted prospects and customers to your site. Many of our clients have had their products in countless national magazines, newspapers, and on high traffic internet sites all for free.

We will show you how to:

  • Write a professional press release using expert style templates ready for you to plug in your product information, easily.

  • Find hundreds of resources to send your press releases to for FREE (the PR submission services don't want you to know about).

  • Increase your chances of getting your release published by 85% using proven step by step method.



These methods can work for you too! No matter what you sell online. You can use these same techniques for your own products. Imagine what it would be like having a steady stream of new customers coming to your site to purchase from you.

The techniques we will share with you are the main way our clients drive targeted prospects to their sites on a daily basis!

You won't find this information anywhere else. Our marketing team at DropShipProductSource.com put this guide together exclusively for our customers! You can only get this valuable information by ordering below....



Get this ebook now for only $24.95 



Client Testimonials:


"We found this E-book to be very informative. A must read for all internet business owners!


-Andres S. Center Line, MI


"I read your e-book last night and it is quite impressive. This "How to" approach is what most web entrepreneurs need instead of theories. You have 5 stars in my book!!"

-AJ N. Pace, FL



Now you can get this same powerful information that is helping many of our clients secretly *explode* their online sales with this little known money maker. Don't miss out on this incredible information!  


 This manual is an investment in your business. For a limited time, you can be well on your way to getting as much free publicity as you can handle for your products and website. Just follow the proven step by step plan and start increasing your targeted traffic and online sales.


 Once you purchase this book you will discover for your self the truth about how easy it is to get free publicity (once you know the techniques) and drive targeted prospects and customers to your site for FREE. 


Get this ebook now for only $24.95 


Our Guarantee 

 Order with confidence with our absolutely 100% Risk-Free 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain with our powerfully profitable free publicity drop ship ebook. 



Client Testimonials:


"Just to update you on results on applying techniques from your e-book...

I sent out press releases based on ideas mentioned in your book for my graduation season business (2nd website). Would you believe this? Most of the campus newspapers published my press releases word for word. No editing!

I stopped counting the number of campus newspaper websites that published my press release! Because of the strategies in your e-book I had the best graduation season ever" 

-Mr. Akoto  Kensington, MD





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