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"Loving your products and customer service. Stocking a website now and preparing to also sell on eBay. All the best."

R. W. Alabama

"I recently added several of Dropshipproductsource.com's products to our existing inventory and sales immediately increased. We recently received a call from an events company in Maryland. The customer purchased 200 small fountains for a special event and Dropshipproductsource.com was able to ship the entire order right away. It's been a great addition for our business."

Doug G. Tallahassee, FL

"You have been WONDERFUL to work with! Your pet-related products and pricing are great, and your drop-ship program makes doing business together easy, pleasant and profitable!!!"

warmest purrs (and woofs), Gail California

"Thank you for sending us the tracking information, we love it!! We really appreciate this as it saves us time"

L.G. Altoona, WI

"I absolutely love working with your company! I am so impressed with the quality of service I have received. Our customers just love your garden statues and I have been very impressed with your low wholesale pricing and high quality items. Fantastic!"

Adam, New Mexico

"Been very happy with the products. The Western line of products have been selling extremely well. I had ten orders in one day just for the western style fountain. I will be adding more of the western and rustic items ASAP!"

Linda S. New Meadows, ID

"I Just sold three wine racks in 24 hours! I made $1,139.85 in sales! I just put the wine rack on my site and it sold fast!"

Sandy, CA

"(Distributor) Hi again! I just added the faux fur throws and I am getting praise already. Looks like the first customer is pleased per attached...(Distributor's Customer) The Faux Fur arrived. it is FABULOUS! We want to order two more."

Kevin, Tennessee

"I am very impressed with the fountains, my customers love them and I am going to add the garden statues to my site now. Thank you!"

Jesse, Florida

"Dropshipproductsource.com is both efficient and courteous to their clients. They are quite fair in their pricing. Keep up the good work!"

B.Miller New Orleans, LA

"Thank you for helping make this year a very profitable one. Your products have been selling at an astonishing rate and I can't thank you enough!"

Gloria, Illinois

“It is a joy working with your company. You are actually one of our favorite suppliers. Your great attention to detail, your fast shipping and your continued cooperation has been spectacular. I wish all vendors were like you.” 

Sincerely, L.S., Washington

"My experience with Dropshipproductsource.com has been extremely positive. You provide good photographs of well-priced and highly salable products, which is all an online drop shipper can ask for. The breadth of your product line is partially responsible for a new site I'm in the process of building. I saw a lot of potential to sell items that didn't fit with my original site. Everyone I've worked with at Dropshipproductsource.com, has been friendly and professional."

G. W., Colorado

"I had over 14 orders in just a few days totaling $1,176.52 in sales."

Renna, Tennessee

“You have a variety of products that our customers like, and your ability to ship to the customer is very quick and timely. We enjoy working with you, we are able to get answers quickly, which is nice, and you have been very helpful and prompt. We look forward to many years with your company!"

Lori, Wisconsin

“The fairy maid fountain has been a huge hit with our customers! We are very happy with the quick delivery and the personalized service we receive from your company.”

A.P., Kansas

"I just got my first order! I just put your items on my site a few hours ago and I already have an order to send to you! This is amazing!"

Angela, New York

 "I use your company and another major drop ship supplier as my main drop shippers and and I like your products much better as there is much more profit in your products. I also love your product descriptions and great picture quality."

Dan S., TX

“These fisherman boat clocks are moving faster than I can stock them! Please rush me an order for 50 more!”

Steven, Wisconsin

“These fountains have been out selling all of our other lines. Thank you.”

Michael, Arizona

"Dropshipproductsource.com has been great. I place my drop ship orders, they get processed quickly. Effortless. I will use Dropshipproductsource.com for more of my drop ship needs as transactions have gone seamlessly."

Thank you, Lisa, California

"We have been doing drop ship business with Dropshipproductsource.com for one year now and they have given us top notch service. Their customer service representatives are always there to answer any questions we might have. They respond in a timely matter. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with Dropshipproductsource.com. I just wish that all the companies we do business with were so professional in everything they do."

Ana, louisiana

"Wanted to send a brief letter to you to let Dropshipproductsource.com know that I am in the beginning stages of building an E Commerce site. In my search for a product to sell I have visited hundreds of sites in order to find one product to launch my site.

While searching I skipped over Dropshipproductsource's site probably six times, found six others in which I believed would be good prospects. Then something made me go back to Dropshipproductsource's site and open it, wow, what an unexpected surprise. The six other prospects went in the garbage. This company absolutely has what it takes to take you from the beginning to wherever you and your website want to go."

Patrick B.

"Working with Dropshipproductsource.com has been pleasing on many levels. They have many exciting products that are unique and consumer friendly. We carry several chess sets from Dropshipproductsource.com that have resulted in lot's of sales and very happy customers. Keep up the good work."

Denise, Valley Stream, NY.

"Your company is the first drop-ship company I have come across that offers legitimate wholesale prices, making it profitable for their customers. Thanks again for all your help and looking forward to many more sales!"

Cesar C. Dallas, GA

 "I just got my first order and was so excited, but, at the same time, fearful to see how fast the process would be. I could not believe how easy it was to order from dropshipproductsource.com.  I couldn't wait to express all the peace and joy I felt after receiving so many emails in response to all of my questions. I now know for a fact that the dropshipproductsource.com team are there for us. I know this is the start of a wonderful and long business relation. Super excellent first experience."

Malena M., Eagle Pass, TX

Your fountains are selling nicely for us (we are about to give you another order for 3 more fountains today), and I now want to add more particularly the floor/outdoor fountains. Thank you for supplying us with these high quality fountains!"

Mike L, Yelm, WA

"Thank you for my first order! Was delivered perfectly and she loves the product. I couldn't be happier!"

William, Colarado

"I have just started learning my business. DropShipProductSource personnel have been brilliant and so supportive."

Jackie, Texas

"Thanks for your help. This is one of the few sites I can talk to a real person." 

Steve, Kansas

"As a first time user of your site, I was impressed with the service."

John M., Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for the tracking number. You're keeping me on the 'up and up' with Ebay! And I am look forward to working with you all." 

Candace P., Arkansas

"The products I have sold have received so many raves. people loved the products they bought. High quality and great style."

Frances C., MA

"I wanted to say thank you. I am averaging around 7 orders a day currently. Compliments to the purchasing team! They clearly know what sells. I have been selling the wine gift items and when I was looking around at the new arrivals, I see that you are expanding in
this area. Please keep these type of items coming since they sell great for me. Thank you again!"

Jeff A., Wyoming

"I find your prices to be much better than some of the other dropshippers I have and that is why I am ordering some in bulk when I do buy. I am hoping to get another platform to sell this year besides just Ebay. Thanks for getting my last order shipped!"

Amy D., Michigan

"I have just started learning my business. DropShipProductSource.com personnel have been brilliant and so supportive." 

Jackie D., Texas


Thanks a bunch for your follow up. You know I was really impressed by your follow up. I have bought stuff on line before but a personal follow (not automated form based) is a true differentiator. I told several  people about your follow up.

You guys are doing great. I would gladly buy from you again.


Amit, Nevada


Thanks a bunch for your follow up. You know I was really impressed by your follow up. I have bought stuff on line before but a personal follow (not automated form based) is a true differentiator. I told several  people about your follow up.

You guys are doing great. I would gladly buy from you again.


Amit, Nevada

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